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MARR Annual Children Get together on 10-11-2-13

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Mannar Association  for Relief & Rehabilitation  ( MARR ) from Mannar recently   had a function to Celebrate the    “ 2013 Annual  Get together of their 75 Orphans children “ under the patronage of Mr. Muis form Netherland.

Mr Muis since last 2000 up to now is helping the MARR Orphans ( Children who have lost their parent due to War, Tsunami & Natural ) for their Educational  Programme.  MARR make use of this gentleman financial assistance by paying sufficient amount of money every term. Also they call these children every end of the term and review their progress, both in their School education performance  & their extra activities . Most of them are staying with their Aunts, Uncles & some of them stay in children homes.

MARR is happy since last 13 years  due to this crash educational programme , three of them had entered into Sri Lankan University and 26 of them  are following GCE (O/L ) & GCE (A/L )

On last 10-11-2013 almost 95% of the children ( Muslims, Hindus & Catholic )attended with their guardians & well wishers at the Mannar Y.M.C.A Building and visited their great donor personally, received gift items, performed their talents with various forms & enjoyed a friendly  heartily meal with the Donor & MARR staff.

The President of MARR Rev.Fr.A.Xavier Crooz was out of the country to raise fund for the destitute children. The Secretary while thanking Mr Muis elaborated MARR educational assistance to the audience.  He said that under the MAR Education Programme,

1 , MARR helps 75 Orphans with Mr.Muis Assistence.

2 , MARR helps 90 Children who have lost one of their  parent with Mr.K  Fund( Who doesn’t want to  identify  him ) 

3, MARR helps 200 destitute children through The UK Catholic Organization for their extra studies, purchase Push cycle, & school stationeries etc.

4 , MARR educate  08 students in various Universities and  enroll 5 students every year with MARR Fund.

5 , MARR  gives 600 children every year in the beginning of the School in Januaries  with sufficient School stationeries with MARR fund.

6 , MARR further helps three more University Students and a disabled student for their Educational programme with the help of Candle aid Organization.


MARR since its inception in 1985 June 8th up to now have catered more than 12,000 School children for their Education, Also conduct Educational flag day in order to raise money and to teach young generation of helping  habit to the poorest of the poor in Mannar.

Any humanitarian Organization and   well wishers wish to help the  MARR destitute Children Programme are Kindly request to contact,

President, MARR,

26, Field street, Mannar Srilanka .; 0094-(0) 23-2222-113


Mr. Peter Sinclair,

Mannar Association for Relief & Rehabilitation
No. 17   Field Street, Mannar, Sri Lanka.

Mobile:   0094 (0) 77-2131-652

E-Mail:         (Personal)




Mannar Association for Relief & Rehabilitation  ( MARR ) together with Canadian Friendship Association , Ontario  had celebrated a Get together at Andankulam Church on 10th Saturday November, 2012 in the Manthai West D S division.

These destitute children who have lost one of their parent in the recent war  . were invited to the function.

Around 160 destitute children came with their School teachers, Parents and  Guardians to this event.

The Canadian Friendship Association, Ontario, Mannar Branch President Mr.A Amalathas ( ADE Maths, Mannar Zonal Office ) and the  Secretary Mr .S Nixan ( Special Teacher  Madhu zone ) were  the Chief guest,

Ref Fr. Xavier Crooz President MARR, Committee Members, Parish priest of Alkativaley & Kathankulam & many well wishers participated to this children function,

All the children were given School stationary, Uniforms, School bag, Christmas Gifts worth about Rs 1000/= to 1,250/=

There were Children entertainments by way of  Songs , Dance,   games, and Group activities.

At the end of the event all the children were invited for a fellowship  delicious dinner which the children enjoyed well.

Similarly MARR has hosted its Annual Get together & Lunch to the 72 Orphans last Sunday  on the 4th of November  at  YMCA Hall Mannar.

Mr Gerrit  Muis the Well wisher from Netherlands   , who personally present on that day & gave away the prizes & cash Donation for their Extra Education ( tuition fees, Practicals, Traveling,   and School stationary, etc )  Each child received Rs, 1000/= for a term .

Further MARR  assist  12 students for their University  Education  in six Srilankan Universities .

Annually 45% of MARR Fund is spent for Orphans, and  Destitute Children  for their education.



மன்னார் துயர் துடைப்பு மறுவாழ்வு சங்கத்தின் வருடாந்த அறிக்கை

ம.து.ம.ச கௌரவ செயலாளரின் அறிக்கை
அன்புள்ள செயற்குழு உறுப்பினர்களே, ம.து.ம.ச. ஆதரவாளர்களே!

மன்னார் துயர்துடைப்பு மறுவாழ்வுச் சங்கத்தின் 20வது வருடாந்த பொதுக் கூட்டத்தை நடாத்தும் இவ்வேளையில் உங்களின் மேலான கவனத்திற்கு சங்கத்தின் 2011/2012 செயற்பாட்டு அறிக்கையையும் 2010/2011 கணக்காய்வு அறிக்கையையும் சமர்ப்பிப்பதில் ம.து.ம.ச. செயற்குழு பெருமையடைகின்றது.

சங்கம் ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்ட 1985ம் ஆண்டு தொடக்கம் 2010வரை போரினால் பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்களுக்கும், இடம்பெயர்ந்தவர்களுக்கும், இயற்கை அனர்த்தத்தினால் பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்களுக்கும், பல்வேறு நிறுவனங்களும் ஆதரவாளர்களும் பெரும் மனதுகொண்டு எமக்கு நிதி வழங்கியதை நன்றியுடன் நினைவு கூருகின்றோம்.

2011/2012ல் போர் நிறைவுற்றதின் பின் எமக்கு நிதி வழங்கும் ஸ்தாபனங்கள் ஆதரவாளர்கள் போன்றோரின் தொகை பெருமளவில் குறைவடைந்தது. தலைவரின் வழிகாட்டலின் கீழ் எமது கையிருப்பில் உள்ள பணத்தைக் கொண்டும், ஓர் சில நலன்விரும்பிகளின் ஆதரவுடனும் துயர்துடைப்புப் பணிகள், மறுவாழ்வுப் பணிகள், கல்விப் பணி, பொதுப்பணி எனப் பல்வேறு பணிகளை உங்களின் ஒத்துழைப்புடன் செயலாற்றியதை நன்றியுடன் நினைவு கூருகின்றேன்.

இச்சங்கத்ததிற்கு நிதியைச் சேகரிக்கும் முகமாக பல வழிகளில் செயற்குழு நடவடிக்கை எடுத்துள்ளது. குறிப்பாக தலைமைக் காரியாலயத்தை வாடகைக்கு விட்டும், தேவையற்ற வாகனங்கள், உபகரணங்கள், தளபாடங்கள், போன்றவற்றை ஏலத்தில் விற்றும், கொடிதினம் மூலமாகவும், இடம்பெயர்ந்த மன்னார் வாசிகளின் மூலமாகவும், புதிய நிறுவனங்களை அனுகுவது மூலமாகவும் நிதியைப் பெற நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

மன்னார் மாவட்;ட சிறார்களின் கல்;விக்காக பெரும் நிதியை ஒதுக்கியுள்ளோம். அடுத்து நலிவுற்ற மக்களுக்காக குறிப்பாக தற்காலிக கொட்டகை, மலசல கூடம், விதவைகள் வாழ்வாதார உதவித் திட்டம், அனாதை மாணவர்கள் ஊக்குவிப்பு, ஊனமுற்றோருக்கான உதவி, காணாமல் போனவர், கைதுசெய்யப்பட்ட குடும்பங்களுக்கான உதவி போன்றவற்றிற்கு இரண்டாவது பகுதி நிதியை ஒதுக்கியுள்;ளோம்.

எமது இரண்டு வருட சேவைகளை கூடியவரை இலகுபடுத்தி உங்கள் பார்வைக்காக வழங்கியுள்ளோம்.
புதிய செயற்குழு உறுப்பினர்கள் தொடர்ந்து 28வது வருடத்திலிருந்து இச்சங்கம் மூலம், பாதிக்கப்பட்ட எம் உறவுகளுக்கு நிரந்தரமான மறுவாழ்வைப் பெற்றுக் கொடுப்பார்கள் என நம்புகின்றோம்.

கடந்த காலத்தில் எமக்கு ஆலோசனை வழங்கிய கௌரவ போசகர்களுக்கும், இருண்ட யுகத்தில் மன்னாரில் இருந்து பல அரச சார்பற்ற நிறுவனங்கள் மூடப்பட்டும், ஒருசில ஸ்தாபனங்கள் இயங்க முடியாமல் தற்காலிகமாக நிறுத்தி வைக்கப்பட்டபோதும், எமது சங்கத்தை துணிந்து வழிநடாத்திய எமது கௌரவ தலைவர் வண.பிதா.அ.சேவியர் குரூஸ் அவர்களுக்கும், ஆர்வமுடன் செயற்குழுக் கூட்டங்களில் பங்குபற்றி, எமது குறை, நிறைகளை எடுத்தியம்பிய செயற்குழு உறுப்பினர்களுக்கும், ஏனைய அரச, அரச சார்பற்ற நிறுவனங்களுக்கும், வெளிநாடுகளிலுள்ள பரோபகார இலங்கையர்களுக்கும், வெளிநாட்டு வாசிகளுக்கும், இலங்;கையிலுள்ள வெளிநாட்டு தூதராலயங்களுக்கும், இவ்வறிக்கையைத் தயாரிக்க உதவிய சகலருக்கும் செயற்குழு சார்பில் நன்றி கூறிக்;கொள்கின்றேன்.

துயர் துடைப்பு பணிகள் விபரம் – தமிழில் வசிக்க இங்கு அழுத்தவும்  MARR AGM 2012 Report 10.07



திரு.சின்கிளேயர் பீற்றர்
கௌரவ செயலாளர். ம.து.ம.ச.


Mannar Association for Relief and Rehabilitation

Tailoring programme to School leavers, widows & single headed families.

MARR since they have formed in Mannar in  1985  have conducted more than 56  Six months  training  Classes to the School leavers, Mothers, widows, and Single headed  women families in 56 villages in the Five AGA/DS Divisions of Mannar had benefited  This helped around 1200 female to learn sewing and embroidery work .

Some of them having a monthly earning by establishing Tailoring  Centers  at their homes, 26 Students are running a group establishment, 14 no have trained themselves and conducting further training classes to other students.and get good income.

MARR seek well wishers from Srilankan Diaspora and other donors to help us to buy sewing machines to those widows who  have completed their training courses but want to have  monthly income by stitching clothes.  They should be issued with a sewing machine, each machine with accessories cost  Rs,35,000/= in Mannar.

Kindly give a helping hand to our war widows:

Any body wants to contact the beneficiaries directly MARR could give the details, they could help them by depositing money to the beneficiaries Bank account please.
Mr. Peter Sinclair, General Secretary, Mannar Association for Relief & Rehabilitation

MARR Orphans Educational Programme 2012

MARR Educational assistance to Destitute children

19th of May 2012


MARR Orphans Educational Programme 2012


MARR Orphans Educational Programme 2012

Since MARR has started in 1985/06/08 in Mannar District Their main objective is to Cater the different needs of the Vulnerable School going children, Higher level Education, Vocational Training, Capacity building in Various field. Conduct Special catch up classes to GCE O/L & GCE A/L etc.

By doing these services MARR had helped more than three thousand deserving students in the last 26 years,

The few activities of our yearly programme are as follows;

  1. Most deserving Resettled students were given school stationeries in the selected AGA/DS area schools, by these around 650 children benefited in 2012 January.
  2. Orphan students 85, One parent Children 34, are given Monthly bursaries ranging from Rs,250/ to 500/= According to their grade,
  3. 18 Students are following University carrier in the Eight faculties in Srilanka for them monthly bursaries are given.
  4. Vocational Training is conducted to the Girls ,School leavers for Six Months full day Tailoring course, so far 76 batches have been conducted in 48 villages. This year we have conducted  at Thevanpiddy Fishing village & going to start another at Eachalawakkai  ,Periyamadhu area in the Manthai West AGA division to 25 students.
  5. Also we have a plan to conduct Special Pre exam Classes to GCE O/L & GCE A/L students  with the help of  Dept  of Education from Mannar & Madhu zone. Here the Most important subjects will be taught by lecture method in the School Auditorium for a  full day to 500 to 1000 students, who are going to sit for this year. The well learned Teachers from Jaffna, Vavuniya & Colombo  will deliver the lectures. We had a good experience in the past. And we are looking for well wishers, funders to assist in this programme please.

The well learned Teachers from Jaffna, Vavuniya & Colombo will deliver the lectures.

We had a good experience in the past. And we are looking for well wishers, funders to assist in this programme please.

On 19th of May 2012 MARR had called Initially 65 Orphans students & their guardians to their Field Street Office . The Secretary, Education Officer, Data entry officer review their second Term progress and each student is paid Rs, 2,000/= for their educational assistance.

We are happy that 62% of the children are having good progress and 20% of them are average and 18% are very low. We advise them for a catch up programme by giving special coaching in the weak subjects by a teacher at home or school.

We are happy from this orphans batch three students are entering to the university & 12 children are selected to follow GCE A/L Exam. Out of them 80% are arts and commerce scheme and 20 % are Science scheme.

Many guardians spent the token allowances in purchasing Students practical work items, tuition fees, buying push cycle, shoes, Uniform etc.

We will be very happy if any well wishers donate 50 push cycles to these deserving children out of them 70% ladies bike & rest gents bike pl.

Few photos are annexed for your perusal please.

  1.  The MARR Education Officer review the term Progress -6139 & 6144
  2. The Guardians with the children – 6140
  3. The Children are getting their Educational allowance Rs, 2,000/= – 6142
  4. The Data entry Officer Screen the students progress mostly their Term report and Class Teacher comments. – 6143
  5. The Secretary & Admin Officer Review the student’s educational progress & give necessary advices for better future – 6145 & 6149
  6. Few beneficiaries who received cash – 6151
  7. Daily activities of Relief work to the destitute. – 6150
  8. The Donner Mr.Moues with the Orphans children .He visits every year & hand over Donation directly – 4663 & 4664
  9. 8; The President Rev Fr Xavier Croos review the first term progress with the Secretary Mr.Sinclair Peter during January 2012 – 5414 & 5417
  10. 9; The Orphans Education Funder Mr. Moues with the MARR Committee members on his visit in 2011 December.


Kind Regards,


Rev Fr. Xavier Croos
President MARR
Mannar Association for Relief & Rehabilitation
No. 17, Field Street , Mannar , Sri Lanka .
E-Mail: (Official)



Mr. Peter Sinclair,
General Secretary,
Mannar Association for Relief & Rehabilitation
No. 17 Field Street, Mannar, Sri Lanka.
Mobile: 0094 (0) 77-2131-652
E-Mail: (Personal) (Official)
  • Bankers:
  • Hatton National Bank
  • National Savings Bank
  • Bank of Ceylon
  • People’s Bank
  • Patrons:His Lordship,
  • Bishop of Mannar
  • Chief Priest, Sithivinayagar Temple
  • Moulavi, Mohaideen Jummah Mosque
  • Government Agent, Mannar







MARR Orphans Educational assistance


MARR Orphans Educational assistanceThe Mannar Association for Relief & Rehabilitation, Under the Rehabilitation Program cater 80 Orphans Students in their Monthly educational assistance by calling them once in a semester & give them cash donation after reviewing their Educational progress and other extra activities.

For the first semester All the students were invited on 14-01-2012, at MARR Office. The President Rev Fr. A Xavier Crooz & The Gen Secretary .Mr Sinclair Peter review their progress and gave them Cash award for their educational activities, such as for Tuition fees, Purchase of stationeries, Bush Cycle, Uniforms, & Nutritional food etc. We are glad that this year three students are entering Universities and eight students are sitting for final GCE A/L exam & 20 students siting for GCE O/L exam.

MARR Orphans Educational assistanceUnder the University MARR Grant. at present Eight students get bursaries from MARR and Studying in five Universities In srilanka Last year three students passed in their final exam & finished their course successfully..

Further More this Year Madhu AGA division destitute students 600 no were selected and were given stationaries worth about Rs 300/= to Rs,500/= per student. By this Ten Schools were benefited plus Destitute children from Children homes such as Annai Illum at Sithy Vinayagar Hindu Temple, Boys home, Girls home in Mannar ,these students were given stationeries.

MARR Orphans Educational assistanceAlso Under MARR Vocational training Program Six Months Sewing Class was conducted at Thevanpiddy Fishing Village at Manthai West AGA division Last year for 20 School drop out & Young mothers. Certificate award ceremony will be done next week. For 2012 at the same AGA division another backward village called Eachalawakkai at Sannar was selected for the MARR 70th Sewing training Class, which will be conducted to the School pass out girls and young mothers.

Under Teaching program MARR help four Backward Schools at Keerisuddan ,Madhu, Illupaikulam for the four volunteers teachers for coverup the teachers shortage in their school.

Lastly MARR help parents who have more school going children for their poverty.

We cordially invite the Sri lankans in abroad, & other well wishers to Help MARR in the Educational Scheme. Your every penny will be most welcome and properly accounted & progress shown. Any well wishers wish to sponsor as Foster Parent for few student are kindly requested to contact MARR below address.


Kind Regards,

Rev Fr. Xavier Croos ,President MARR
Mannar Association for Relief & Rehabilitation
No. 17, Field Street , Mannar , Sri Lanka .
E-Mail: (Official)