Diaspora Lanka an Australian based organization

Diaspora Lanka an Australian based organization

1, Diaspora Lanka ( Australia) have drafted a well planned eight projects to develop the Mannar UC in Environment, , Town planning, Eco- tourism, Business development, Education, Community programme, Women development, & Fund Raising etc.

2, Recently DL have brought three experts to care Mannar stray donkeys, and got round seven Animal Health organizations from UK, India, Australia, USA. on this mission. .Very soon another team visit Mannar from UK .. already MARDAP, (Mental disorder Children Organization), Shanthy puram ,Railway station WRDS , mannar UC members are interested in this donkey Taming activities,

3, Fund raising is taking place in Australia in order to help resettled women headed families lively hood assistance.

4, implemented youth I T.Platform in order to give the Youths of Mannar the modern technology in IT. Another set of computers are on the way to strengthen the IT platform in Mannar town.

5 At Papamottai village a backward rural road is constructed and Women awareness programme are conducted for lively hood assistance.

6 Diaspora Lanka together with Mannar Urban council Elected members, UC secretary, ACLG will have a meeting with Hon Minister Rishard badudeen on Mannar Town plan & development.

7, Next month around first week in Colombo The Diaspora Lanka is going to conduct a forum with Funding partners to raise fund for the eight development projects.

8 With the help of UDA Colombo & NPDD ,mannar UC together with DL planned to conduct 16 youth training & survey, in order to plan out Town plan survey for UC as the last Town plan of Mannar was drafted in 1998.

9, The Mannar public was brought in to the development & planning of Mannar Urban council, The newly elected board of members have done many development work in Mannar Town, Many by roads have been cemented, garbage cleaning, prevent of Dengue mosquito, Name boards on the road, roundabouts in the Town, revenue increasing are few positive steps that public could see.

Mr. Sinclair Peter ,

Freelance Project Consultant & Trainer

Diaspora Lanka, Mannar