Galle Bishop visit to Mannar on Fact finding mission

Galle Bishop visit to Mannar on Fact finding missionThe Bishop of Galle and a team of ten leading Priests together with
the Galle Vicar General visited Mannar & had friendly chat with all
Communities , Priests, lay people, Religious Institutions to collect
first hand information of the present situation of Mannar.

The Catholic of Mannar were glad to receive the Religious leaders
from South during the recent media turmoil of Mannar church & Bishop.

Tomorrow they are leaving to Jaffna to collect the first hand
information of the Rehabilitation programme.

Today 15-5-2012 more lay people including Hindu ,Muslim priests
gathered at Caritas -Valvothayam Conference hall and had a friendly
discussion and shared their grievances with the Southern team.

Many issues were narrated specially, Slow Resettlement programme,
High security zone. Encroachment of Land. Pass system to Mannar
fishermen. Indian fishermen invade. Southern Fishermen encroachment,
Propping up of Buddhist temples where there is no Buddhist families in
Hindu, Catholic Muslim villages.

Position of war Widows, Disabled. Orphans, Released cadres, Women
headed families.increasing rate of Suicides in Mannar. Drop in
Education. lack of Technology & IT In Mannar to the present generation