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Mannar-Musali -Mullikulam IDP

The intensified military operation had uprooted the entire population during the peak of war on 2007. All of them scattered like chickens in many part of Mannar district even to Puttalam.Until today they are facing immence problem for their daily fishing employment, Shelter, Sanitation, Three meals, and more over their children education.

State had helped for few months with dry ration & temporary shelter, but how long. now they are depending on NGO, Bishop Friends & wellwishers.

The public complain that after the war in 2009 three adjusent Muslim villages have been resettled. For that they thank to the state but kindly request to see that the plight of 450 Catholic families who lived in Mullikulam St Mary’s church area.was not given permission to get back to their dwellings, even to celebrate their church feast & have any functions.

The State had occupied their area as High security zone and refused entry to one perticular community, Recently The Bishop Confeence had met Hs Excellency the Honourable President and negotiated the plight of this people, The parlimentarians too involved in this. but nothing is moving..

Recently the son of their soil , Rev Fr.A Xavier Croos had celebrated his 50 years Priesthood Jublee in a displaced manner at Mannar Infant Jesus Church on 7-1-12 with the thankes giving mass.

It is surprice to see hundreds of Mullikulam IDP had flocked the church to give Fr Croos a rousing welcome.

In their talk they pleaded that they should return to their own land. The Mullikulam Assumption Parish Council humbly requested to all Stake holders to interfear in this issue and redeem their sufferings.

It was pathetic to see that Elderly people cryed & prayed to Mother Marty to settle them in their land. The Honerable ministers, and MPs of Wanni,we put their request over to you pl.

The Parish committee ,
Mullikulam Church
Mullikulam, Musali Division.