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The Mannar Business people

the Mannar Business peopleThe International team of Experts have visited Mannar in order to find out the Development of Agricultural based products , Fisheries, Trade, Small Industries, Food processing, Textile, Indo based products and so on In order to help the Business people to get financial, Technical, assistence from USAID and Other Countries..

Mr.S.M Croos ,the former GA of Mannar is the northern Researcher of these Team, we have formed a Four members team , to explore the possibilities of helping 1000 Unemployed youths in the above sector.

the Mannar Business peopleThe team visited, Mannar Chamber of Commerce, Vankalai Padu & Keeri sea food packing industry, Ice factories in Keeri & Pesalai, Pallimunai Beach de Mur Processing industries
( kadal attai ), handicraft Sector of Individuals. More Business People will be interviewd within one week & project Concept paper will be requested from them,

It looks that after the 30 years of war better prospects to the Mannar Business people if they get into a good correct business using the freely available resources such as vast sea, land, wind, water, sunlight for Solar energy, Underground water using Tube well, Animal husbandry , freely available herbal plants. sunlight for solar energy , paddy , fruits, pulses & more over the Human labor.

Our photos will vouch how certain people from Vankalai & Pesalai are involved and give hundred of employment to youths specially women folk.

Peter Sinclair,
Coordinator BIZ+ survey for IIDT.


Inter Religious Forum at Mannar Ganothayam OMI Auditorium

On 24-03-2012 Sarvodayam Conducts well attended all four Religious Representatives Forum  for Peace & Reconciliation  meeting at the OMI, Ganothayam center, in Mannar.Several   Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and  Muslim representatives and  priest participated and  put their views at the Forum.

Rev Fr. Tamil Nasan chaired the Meeting,  the Civil Affair Army Officer, Ast District Govt Agent, Divisional Secretaries, Govt Officials, NGO representatives, WRDS, RDS, Chairman Of  the  Urban Council  &  several Pradasa Saba members participated.


Sinclair peter,
Member of Inter Religious Forum,


Meththa Foundation 03/12/12


The Meththa Foundation under the supervision of Dr B.Panagamuwa did a three Mobile services at Thunukkai DS Office on 1st of March, later at Muillaitivu Fisheries Society building on 2nd, 3rd, & 4th of March, later did a three days programme at Hudec, Caritas Center at Kilinochchi on 5th, 6th and 7th of March. ,

Around 96 disabled People who lost their legs, arms were given prosthesis upper limbs & lower limbs, after taken proper measurements by trained Prosthetic & Orthotic Officers,

Further 12 patients were screened for Paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries & refereed to further treatment to Orthopedic Surgeon in Jaffna, Kandy and Colombo.

The Mobile team comprise of Dr, P&O, Technicians, Foremen, Physiotherapist, & Admin officers. The Team of 14 members. worked for seven days to cater the needs of the people.

The Meththa Artificial limbs & Appliance unit is functioning at the General Hospital Mannar & does Mobile service to the Periphery districts when ever necessary arise .

So far since last 2009 Meththa had catered around 1700 patients with Prosthesis, Orthosis devices, mobility devices, and advocacy also had a referral system to other Service providers.

UK diaspora team who wished to help Srilankans paid a visit during this mobile service.

Reported by Sinclair Peter,
Liaison Officer, Meththa foundation.
generalk Hospital, Mannar