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Old semenerians rememberd their shepherd

Rev Fr . a. Xavier Crooz was honoured for his fifty years dedicated Religious Service to the Jaffna & Mannar Diocese. Mannar Bishop, Rt Rev Dr.Rayapu Joseph, Batti & Trinco Bishop Rt.Rev Dr Kingesly Swampillai , Senior Priest Rev Fr, J.B.Devarajah, was the chief guest,
The Madhu Mary Minor Semenarians and the past 40 years old Ordained young priests from Srilanka & Abroad were present in this great occassion and showed their gratitude by their Speech, Presents, Ponadai porthal ( golden safron gift)Grand arrangments, Cultural show, Jublee Sovenior relese & with a grand felloship dinner at the Mannar Minor Seminary on 18 th of Janury.
Pictures shows Mannar & Batti Bishop together with Senior priest, Cultural shows, and the function.
By.Sinclair Peter, Well wisher.