The Activities of MM 2022 , Diaspora –Lanka with Urban Council Mannar

1,The UC Members representing The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and  T.A. of UC had a fruitful discussion on 21/11/12 with the  Hon Minister Rishard Badudeen  at his  Ministry Office, together with DG of UDA, DG of NPPD, Jaffna UDA & Regional NP of  UDA.  Diaspora Lanka Director. The Mannarin marumalarchi 2022 Vision & mission (MM22) was well briefed, requested to form a Mannar UC  Area  Development Steering Com with the experts.

2, On 17/12/12had the First meeting to discuss the formation of a Steering Com for the Development of Mannar Town  at Kachcheri Conference room consisting of UC members, Dept Heads, Diaspora Lanka.  Action will be taken to draw up a plan for 2012 Town & Country plan and Implement development.

3, As Planned   the  22 youths were selected for Town planning Survey. NPPD Officials gave two days training on 29th & 30th of November. On 4th of December after giving wide notice to the public through local TV & Notice .The Data collection programme was started & ended on 23/12/12

4, Payment for these Data collectors are paid by UC @ Rs, 900/= day and it was reimbursed by Diaspora lanka. Australia.

5, Two computers were hired from MARR for payment & library room was used for Data entry work. This went on till 23/12/12  for three weeks. Payment is made by UC  & reimbursed by Diaspora Lanka.

6, Work is going on in signing an agreement by UC with Diaspora Lanka for  Leasing  the Mannar UC residential  place at Esplanade Rd. The  Refurbishment work was estimated by  UC  TA @ a cost of Rs, 470,000/= &  UC will refurbish it & give to DL for the use of MM22 Work, Conference , Visitors Room  who come to Mannar  for UC work within the Country & abroad, The Compound will be used for Donkey welfare work. The entire refurbishment cost will be  met by DL to UC.

7, The Donkey welfare committee was formed & monthly meeting is held in UC. We expect all  UC members to participate in the Development of donkeys as it is unique creature for Mannar.

8, The DL is  planning to get a Town & Country Planning Officer to UC . In this regard UC is in touch with Public Administration & GA Mannar.

9, The  UC advisory panel to be formed early with experts as in the circulars say, already formed Eight sub committee to work for MM22. Including these eight Reps , The seven UC  Members to propose another 7 members from all part of the village with expertise knowledge in order to form 15 advisory panel early.

10, The DL  does  the mediation to have discussion with UC Members and dept & ministry Higher up Officials for the development of Mannar  City.

Mr. Sinclair Peter ,                      

Freelance Project Consultant & Trainer

Diaspora Lanka,

Mannar 28-12-2012